View Full Version : My first Voxel :)

01-21-2003, 01:21 PM
What do u think, well personally I don't like it and I won't use it lol.. But what do you think of my very first voxel I made?

01-21-2003, 01:26 PM
for a first ... it's not bad, but what is it?

01-21-2003, 01:26 PM
well, for a first that is prettygood, u should make italittleless square, and make the cannon on it bigger, than it would be a good artillery peice :D

01-21-2003, 03:27 PM
It looks good for a first. :)

I dont know anything about the colouring of vxls, but howcome the vxls people make dont usually look right when placed with original units in the game? Some exceptions, of course. But can somethin be done about it....or do the people who make them actually want them to look like that.....almost like there isnt texture - too smooth. :/

01-21-2003, 05:12 PM
for a first ... it's not bad, but what is it?
I dunno what it is actually ;) I just made someting..
I think I will try to make something I could use now, but I'm not sure what to make.. Maybe I will improve this one and do as you say JJ :D

Thanks for the feedback! I hope my second will be better.. lol