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    Published on 11-29-2011 08:56 AM
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    Red Alert 2 MPMODES.INI Guide

    Sections Covered

    This file is used to define the Multiplayer Game modes, and refers to other INI files each of which is specific to a game mode. Each section in this file takes the form of a list comprising ...
    Published on 11-29-2011 08:53 AM
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    Red Alert 2 KEYBOARD.INI Guide

    Sections Covered

    This file simply lists the keys which are available for the player to use during the game itself to trigger pre-defined actions. The actions are hard coded into the game in order that such actions are available to the player via keyboard shortcuts (or 'Hot Keys').

    NOTE: by default, there are a great many hot keys defined in this file which are obsolete and unused in Red Alert 2 - they cannot be made to work. They exist as residue from the programmers' debugging and testing process only.

    There is little value in editing this file, or providing an edited version with your mod - once a user chooses to redefine or remap the keyboard layout with Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge, a new file is created in the game directory, over-writing any which already exist there.


    This section forms an un-numbered ...
    Published on 11-29-2011 08:52 AM
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    Red Alert 2 INI Editing Guide Introduction

    What The Guide Covers
    Time And Distance
    The Parser
    Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge Extensibility
    What Remains To Be Discovered
    Adding Your INI Files To The Game
    The Mod Writers Toolbox
    Last Updated


    Note that the Red Alert 2 INI files may include statements that are not present in this guide - this is because some of the INI files have many duplications within them, this guide is the correct one to follow. Addition of such statements to the relevant sections is fruitless as the games' internal tables mean that they simply will not be parsed - this is the case with several obsolete entries in Red Alert 2, as it uses some older INI files as the basis for its own - it actually uses modified Tiberian Sun RULES.INI and ART.INI files which in turn used a heavily modified and extended Red Alert RULES.INI file - so you can understand how many duplications and obsolete entries have arisen! By the same token, there are statements covered here that may not appear in the INI files - this is because the game already has default values set and makes ...
    Published on 11-29-2011 08:50 AM
    1. Guides

    Red Alert 2 EVA.INI Guide

    Sections Covered

    All of the game's EVA and Sofia voices (as well as the Drill Sergeant and World Domination Tour voices) are controlled through this file. Each sound must be listed in the [DialogList] section and then be defined with its own ...
    Published on 11-29-2011 08:47 AM
    1. Guides

    Red Alert 2 INI Editing Guide - Appendices

    A1.0 - Text Message List (TUTORIAL.INI)
    A2.0 - Building & Structure List
    A3.0 - Super Weapon List
    A4.0 - Infantry List
    A5.0 - Unit List
    A6.0 - Aircraft List
    A7.0 - Available Themes (THEME.INI)
    A8.0 - Available Sound Effects (SOUND.INI)
    A9.0 - Available Speech Effects (EVA.INI)
    A10.0 - Available Movies
    A11.0 - Available Animations
    A12.0 - Available Particle Systems
    A13.0 - Available Voxel Animations
    A14.0 - Available Speech Bubbles
    A15.0 - Available Crate Powerups
    A16.0 - Available Warheads
    A17.0 - Waypoint Number/Letter Conversion Table

    TIP: there are lots of things in Red Alert 2 that for various reasons still exist in the game files but were never used in the game. These items are indicated in these appendices with the word UNUSED next to them. Some of these things are pretty cool and, along with lighting effects, are a good way to add a little uniqueness to your maps and missions and get them to stand out from the rest.

    NOTE: I strongly recommend NOT changing or editing the numbering or ordering of any of these lists in RULES.INI or your map file. This is because many internal tables and the game code itself rely upon the ordering of them and adjusting this may cause undesirable audio/visual effects or even Internal Errors. If you want to extend or add to these lists, simply append to the end of each one, continuing the numbering with your new one.

    A1.0 - Text Message List (TUTORIAL.INI)

    This is the list of text messages you can display and the numbers needed for the action statement itself - this is actually exactly as they appear in the TUTORIAL.INI file.

    NOTE: you cannot add new text messages or change existing ones, even by including a [Tutorial] section in your map file. However, if you want to display your own text messages, you must edit the .CSF files and call them with the appropriate action. Then ensure that this new .CSF file is distributed with your map, as it must be in the Red Alert 2 directory for it to work. Remember also that the TUTORIAL.INI file (and thus all of these text messages) is totally unused in Red Alert 2 so this is here purely for reference.

    1=Objective 1 completed!
    2=Objective 2 completed!
    3=Objective 3 completed!
    4=Objective 4 completed!
    10=Objective 1: Force a landing on the beach and set up a base.
    11=Objective 2: Destroy American Production Facilities.
    12=Objective 3: Destroy American Fleet.
    31=TANYA: Shoot! The dogs got our spies! We need help here!
    32=TANYA: Man down! Darn it! We need another couple spies!
    33=TANYA: Argh! Is Puppy Chow cologne standard issue for these guys? Send more Spies!
    34=TANYA: BEEP, BEEP BEEEP!!! Dogs! They BEEPing ate another of our guys!
    35=Nuclear Missile Silo coordinates downloaded successfully.
    36=OBJECTIVE 1: Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab
    37=OBJECTIVE 2: Locate and Neutralize the Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos
    38=SOVIET SOLDIER: Be on the look out for spies, comrades. It seems a little too quiet tonight.
    39=SOVIET SOLDIER: Ha ha ha. we don't need to worry about stupid American spies. That's what the dogs are for.
    40=HINT: Spies can assume the form and color of any infantry unit. To do this, select the Spy and Left-Click on a valid target.
    41=HINT: Special "detector" units can see through a Spy's disguise. Beware of the Dogs - they are excellent detectors!
    42=TANYA: Looks like we're going to need some more backup here. Send some more Spies.
    43=SPY: If you can get me into one of those Tesla Reactors, I can shut down all of the base's power for thirty seconds. its not much time, but maybe you can use it to sneak past the defenses.
    44=BRITISH ENGINEER: Sorry we're late. What do you need us to do?
    45=SOVIET SOLDIER: Hey, you're not one of us!
    46=POLISH VILLAGER: Please don't hurt me, I am just a poor cow herder.
    47=POLISH VILLAGER: What took you so long, Boris? I need your help getting these cows back to the village.
    48=POLISH VILLAGER: Where are we going? This doesn't look like the way back to the village.
    49=POLISH VILLAGER2: Mmmmm. Cows... Thanks for bringin' them in.
    50=POLISH VILLAGER: Here's your split o' the money. And just so you know, I heard that there's some rebels hiding up in the mountains to the east of the Soviet base.
    51=POLISH REBEL: Someone's found our village! KILL HIM!
    52=POLISH REBEL: Ah, there you are, Boris. We're ready to move out against the Soviets. Lead us to victory, comrade!
    53=TANYA: Those rebels look like bad news. They'll probably fight us just as readily as they fight the Soviets.
    54=POLISH VILLAGER: Psst. Comrade! There's a secret path up to the Soviet base behind my house.
    57=Soviet BattleLab destroyed - Objective Failed
    58=MAP ENLARGED - New Terrain Revealed
    61=Lt Eva: When the Mirage tank is in position, select any nearby tree. The Mirage Tank will then cloak itself as the tree you've selected and be ready to stealthily attack any enemy that comes into range.
    62=ALERT! Soviet Invasion forces have entered your AOR! ALERT!
    71=Warning: Mission critical unit under attack.
    72=Warning: Mission critical structure under attack.
    73=Objective 1: Locate and free the mutants.
    74=Objective 2: Evacuate the mutants.
    75=Objective Reached: Mutants freed.
    76=Objective 1: Destroy the supply base.
    77=Objective 1: Plant C4 on all ten Nod power plants.
    78=Objective 1: Destroy Nod missile complex.
    79=Detonate C4 when ready.
    80=Stop! Don't Shoot! I was forced to work for them.
    81=Take out this sentry post and I will show you their nearby base.
    82=CABAL: Hassan's Base has been alerted. Attack is imminent.
    83=Now get an engineer over here to fix this bridge and I will alert Hassan to their presence.
    85=CABAL: Establish a foothold on the far side of this bridge and an MCV will be sent in to you.
    87=CABAL: MCV has arrived to the southeast.
    88=To build or train left-click on the icons located in the sidebar.
    89=To deploy a vehicle select it, place the cursor over the vehicle and left-click on it.
    90=GDI has detected you.
    91=The Temple is under attack!
    92=Mutant vermin detected.
    93=Tiberium lifeform detected.
    94=Objective 1: Locate the old Temple of Nod.
    95=Objective 2: Remove the GDI trespassers.
    96=Tacitus has been acquired.
    97=GDI dropship detected.
    98=Bullet train departing.
    99=Prevent the train from departing and retrieve the Tacitus.
    100=When you select an enemy unit, you can see its health status.
    101=Just a harmless civilian truck.
    102=We don't have all day, Commander. Move your men out to find Red Team.
    103=Try to keep your soldiers in a group to concentrate their firepower.
    104=Now that you've selected a unit, you can order them to move or fire by left-clicking on an area or target. (Cue cursor SB movie.)
    105=Don't let them escape!
    106=MISSION OBJECTIVE: Hunt down all 10 Red Team members.
    107=You've already lost half your men!
    108=Two Reds still unaccounted for. Check the other side of the bridge on the left.
    109=Kodiak destroyed!
    110=Kodiak in critical condition!
    111=Eye of the storm has been entered.
    112=Maximum efficiency for equipment can now be achieved.
    113=Re-entering ion storm, caution is advised.
    114=Objective 1: Protect the Kodiak at all costs.
    115=Objective 2: Destroy all Nod forces.
    116=Philadelphia in range.
    117=ICBM launch detected.
    118=Tiberium Missile launched.
    119=ICBM destroyed!
    120=Objective 1: Stop the launch of the Tiberium Missile.
    121=Objective 2: Destroy the ICBMs targeted at the Philadelphia.
    122=ICBMs destroyed! Philadelphia out of danger.
    123=Proceed with Tiberium Missile destruction.
    124=Objective 3: Destroy all Nod forces.
    125=Civilian city is under attack!
    128=This map is under redesign.
    129=GDI Soldier: Shit, We're outnumbered! Return to base now and alert them.
    130=CABAL: During the Ion Storm their Radar/Communications will be down. Now is the opportune time to hit them before the storm abates.
    132=CABAL: GDI Communications have been re-established.
    133=They are sending a transmission to Sarajevo now.
    134=Your venture has been quite unsuccessful, to state the least.
    135=Move quickly, before they see us.
    136=We have to get this to Tratos immediately.
    137=Holy $#!+ its Nod! I have to warn the base.
    138=What's the E.T.A. on that M.C.V.? This UFO gives me the creeps.
    139=Looks like they're going to ship it out via bullet train.
    140=Current weapon range insufficient. Weapon drop in progress.
    141=Thanks for the help!
    142=Power overload in progress...
    143=GDI forces spotted. Blow the bridge!
    144=Objective 1: Destroy all Nod structures.
    145=Objective 2: Capture the train station. DO NOT DESTROY IT!
    146=Objective 1 complete.
    147=Nod base is heavily guarded by lasers. Suggestion: destroying power plants to west may cause overload.
    148=Objective 2 complete.
    149=Umagon: My people are nearby.
    150=We will help.
    151=Alert! GDI presence detected!
    152=Perimeter secure. Deactivating alarm.
    153=Alert! Prison break in progress!
    154=Orca Transport: Negative on extraction until SAM sites are eliminated!
    155=GDI Forces Spotted! Falling back to alert base.
    156=Objective: Rescue captives from the prison to the east.
    157=Objective 1: Spy on GDI comm center to learn the location of the weapons test.
    158=Objective 2: Destroy the Mammoth Mark II prototype.
    159=GDI: The MM2 is quite effective against structures.
    160=GDI: Now watch the effectiveness against ground units.
    161=GDI: The MM2 is equally deadly to air-based assaults.
    162=GDI: This concludes the Mammoth Mark II demonstration.
    163=We have Hassan pinned and ready to be brought in Commander Slavick. Orders are complete.
    164=Sir! I believe there is an old GDI base near. It could be worth looking into.
    165=We should rendezvous with the rescue team to the south.
    166=UFO crash sight located.
    167=Hey... over here! Help... Destroy these trucks to free us.
    168=Captured Commander: All right! Now get me to your drop-off site and into the evac unit.
    170=Ghost Stalker: If you can get me onto that train, we can do some real damage!
    171=Mutants: The charges are placed. We can get the laser wall down in 30 minutes.
    172=Mutants: The wall is down - you are clear to attack!
    173=Objective 1: Destroy all the chemical tanks.
    174=Objective 2: Destroy the Nod base.
    175=Objective 1: Destroy all chemical missile launch sites.
    176=New secondary objective: Destroy primary AND secondary Nod bases.
    177=Oxanna located.
    178=GDI: Jake, its a trap! Get to the airbase!
    179=GDI: Jake, the transport will take 30 minutes to arrive. Hold on!
    180=GDI: Patrol to base! Nod troops in area! Abort tour!
    181=New Objective: Get Ghost Stalker onto the train. Ghost must not die!
    182=Nod: Commander, you have been provided with a direct satellite uplink for this mission.
    183=Nod: Look to your radar now and you will see the three locations of the mobile sensor arrays.
    184=You have been provided with 2 Artillery units. Good hunting, reinforcements will be arriving soon...
    185=Oxanna is being moved to the main GDI base.
    186=Nod: Umagon has escaped. Your mission has failed.
    187=Nod: Umagon has been detected in the northeast quadrant.
    188=She is boarding a train bound for the GDI base in the south.
    189=Nod: Umagon has reached the GDI base and is moving to board the train leaving this region.
    190=GDI: We've lost the beacon. Extraction time will be delayed 15 minutes.
    191=Objective 1: Capture the GDI base before McNeil arrives.
    192=Objective 2: Use Toxin Soldiers to "convince" McNeil to join us.
    193=Objective 3: Get McNeil into the APC at the extraction point.
    194=Our cover is blown! Capture McNeil by any means possible!
    195=GDI is going after our extraction APC It must not be destroyed!
    196=Thanks! We can use the supplies. I'll go gather my people.
    197=Nod: All sensor arrays are down. Full area map generation downloading now.
    198=Special objective complete.
    199=Nod: We can use these old units to our advantage. Rerouting their control to you in 3,
    202=Hey! Where'd all those shiners come from?
    203=Nod: Umagon's dropship transport has been located and will arrive in 10 minutes.
    204=Nod: Umagon's dropship transport will arrive in 5 minutes.
    205=Nod: Umagon's dropship transport will arrive in 1 minute.
    206=Nod: Umagon's dropship transport has arrived and she is moving to board the southern train.
    207=Nod: Umagon is moving to board the northern train which leaves the region. Her escape is imminent.
    208=CABAL: Find and capture the train station before Umagon arrives. If she manages to make it onto a train then destroy it before she can escape.
    209=GDI: Hurry Jake! They're right behind you!
    210=GDI: Jake, its good to see...Hey! What are you doing?
    211=Two launchers remaining.
    212=One launcher remaining.
    213=Mutants: Liars! GDI is trying to help us! You will die for this!
    214=Umagon: My people are waiting somewhere to the north.
    216=Objective 1: Capture the remaining GDI structures within this base to build a force to capture Tratos.
    217=Objective 2: Now find the Mutant Headquarters and knock on their door (attack it!). This should convince Tratos to be sympathetic to our cause.
    218=The Philadelphia is passing within ICBM Range.
    219=The Philadelphia has left ICBM range.
    220=Destroy the 7 SAM sites on the ridge to clear the way for our dropships.
    221=CABAL: General Vega, the secondary generators will come online in 20 minutes.
    222=CABAL: General Vega, the generators are online. SAM sites active.
    223=EVA: We are currently tracking the Nod train carrying the target cargo. Intel states that the bridge is out
    224=and we may hit the train before they repair the bridge.
    225=EVA: Alert! The bridge has been fixed and the Nod train is moving to its final destination within the base
    226=to the South. Penetrate the bases defenses and retrieve that cargo.
    227=Objective 1: Remove all Nod presence from the area.
    228=Objective 2: Capture Vega's Pyramid.
    229=EVA: GDI reinforcements have arrived. Mammoth Mk II enroute. Estimated ETA in 2 minutes...
    230=EVA: Mammoth Mk II has arrived.
    231=CABAL: Philadelphia orbit tracking commencing!
    232=Mutants: Hold a moment, while their fighters pass by.
    233=Mutants: Okay, Go now.
    234=Mutants: The production facility has been located. Send in the reinforcements and let's finish this.
    235=Mutants: Damn, their base has been cloaked. We must wait for them to uncloak it.
    236=EVA: The cargo car of that train contains the crate of crystals that you are to recover.
    237=EVA: The bridge has been repaired and the train is making its way to the Nod base in the south.
    238=EVA: Penetrate their base, destroy that cargo car and retrieve the crate holding the crystals.
    239=EVA: Umagon lost, mission failed.
    240=EVA: Ghostalker lost, mission failed.
    241=EVA: McNeil lost, mission failed.
    242=CABAL: Slavic lost, mission failed.
    243=EVA: The crystals have been retrieved, mission complete.
    244=CABAL: With the train destroyed Umagon will be stranded. Find her and capture her.
    245=Tratos: Fight them my children, for the fate of our people.
    246=Tratos: You have killed enough of my children, take me and be done with this violence.
    247=Solomon: Change of plans - We have verified Vega's presence in the pyramid. CAPTURE the pyramid with Vega alive.
    300=Soviet General: Welcome, Comrade. Enjoy these beautiful tropical islands while you can...we are going to destroy them soon. But first we must find our target, da? The Allied dogs are hiding their super weapon with a powerful Gap Generator, so we must destroy it before we can begin. Crazy Ivan and Yuri could be particularly well suited for the task at hand. Go now--build your base and prepare your forces.
    301=Soviet General: Da?

    A2.0 - Building & Structure List

    This is the internal table list of [BuildingTypes] in the game. NOTE: when used in ScriptTypes, the structure number takes any of several formats and is derived by finding the structure in this table [BuildingTypes] - this is the explicit number of that structure and is the number to use as the second parameter of the action. Any one of several amendments can be made to this number;-

    add 131072 to the number, so GAPOWR (number 1 in RULES.INI thus number 0 for this purpose) becomes 131072
    add 196608 to the number, so GAPOWR (number 1 in RULES.INI thus number 0 for this purpose) becomes 196608
    add 65534 to the number, so GAPOWR (number 1 in RULES.INI thus number 0 for this purpose) becomes 65534

    It has not been determined what significance or effect the different numbering systems have (if any). Changing them at random appears to have no effect, suggesting that this may be related purely to the way that internal tables are formed and parsed or that it is residual from some obsolete code. NOTE: numbers 302 and onwards are added, and only available, in Yuri's Revenge.

    NOTE: because of an error in this list, the numbering is technically 'thrown out' by the fact that the Psychic Amplifier (NAPSYA) is listed twice here - do not delete the unused entry, as the numbering of the list will become corrupted. Although the second one is unused and practically ignored by the game, its inclusion appears to be necessary.

    0=GAPOWR Allied Power Plant
    1=GAREFN Allied Ore Refinery
    2=GACNST Allied Construction Yard
    3=GAPILE Allied Barracks
    4=GASAND Sandbags
    5=GADEPT Allied Service Depot
    6=GATECH Allied Battle Lab
    7=GAWEAP Allied War Factory
    8=CALAB Einsteins Laboratory
    9=NAPOWR Soviet Power Plant
    10=NATECH Soviet Battle Lab
    11=NAHAND Soviet Barracks
    12=GAWALL Allied Wall
    13=NARADR Soviet Radar
    14=NAWEAP Soviet War Factory
    15=NAREFN Soviet Ore Refinery
    16=NAWALL Soviet Wall
    17=CAHSE07 RA2 American House 07
    18=NAPSIS Soviet Psychic Sensor
    19=NAWAST Nod Waste Facility UNUSED Changes to CASYDN01 in Yuri's Revenge
    20=NALASR Soviet Sentry Gun
    21=NASAM Soviet Flack Cannon
    22=GARADR Allied Radar UNUSED Changes to CASYDN02 in Yuri's Revenge
    23=GAYARD Allied Shipyard
    24=NAIRON Soviet Iron Curtain
    25=NACNST Soviet Construction Yard
    26=NADEPT Soviet Service Depot
    27=GACSPH Allied Chronosphere
    28=GADUMY Allied Chronosphere (placeholder for dummy weapon)
    29=GAWEAT Allied Weather Control Device
    30=CABHUT Bridge Repair Hut
    31=GALITE Light Post
    32=REDLAMP Red Light Post
    33=GRENLAMP Green Light Post
    34=BLUELAMP Blue Light Post
    35=YELWLAMP Yellow Light Post
    36=PURPLAMP Purple Light Post
    37=INORANLAMP Invisible Orange Light Post
    38=INGRNLMP Invisible Green Light Post
    39=INREDLMP Invisible Red Light Post
    40=INBLULMP Invisible Blue Light Post
    53=TESLA Soviet Tesla Coil
    54=NAMISL Soviet Nuclear Silo
    55=ATESLA Allied Prism Tower
    56=CAARMR UNUSED Changes to CAMACH in Yuri's Revenge
    58=NAHPAD UNUSED Changes to CASYDN03 in Yuri's Revenge
    61=NAYARD Soviet Naval Yard
    62=GASPYSAT Allied Spy Sattellite
    63=GAGAP Allied Gap Generator
    64=GTGCAN French Grand Cannon
    65=NANRCT Soviet Nuclear Reactor
    66=GAPILL Allied Pillbox
    67=NAFLAK Soviet Flak Cannon
    68=CAOUTP Tech Outpost
    69=CATHOSP Tech ...
    Published on 11-29-2011 08:42 AM
    1. Guides

    Red Alert 2 AI.INI Guide

    Sections Covered
    A Note On Structure Numbers
    A Note On AI Pool Teams
    Some Tips On Making A Better AI

    This file controls the Artificial Intelligence employed by the game engine when it assumes the role of a computer controlled player. Red Alert 2 utilizes 'scripted' AI (that is, a system based on pre-determined actions and scripts rather than a 'heuristic' system, i.e. one which intelligently responds to player actions and attempts to forecast future player actions by recording a log of previous ones in a bid to nullify them thus giving itself a tactical advantage).

    An attempt has been made to give the impression of heuristics in Red Alert 2 by implementing a success/failure delta system, where the computer keeps a record of instances where previous scripts were or were not successfully executed to completion, thus influencing the likelihood of them being used again. See the AI Trigger Weighting Parameters section in the RULES.INI Guide for details of these deltas.

    TIP: to get more out of the AI and to make more effective use of the changes you make to this file, I recommend referring to the [AIGenerals] section (see the RULES.INI Guide). That section provides an ideal way to define specific overall playing styles and strategies for the AI - use of that technique will ensure that the AI relies less on simply playing the game in the same continual scripted manner regardless of the state of the battle and how its doing.

    AI.INI is perhaps the least modified file but one which provides immense scope for mod writers as it allows customization through the game engine 'scripting' language in a similar manner to map files. The file contains the scripts which make the computer controlled armies function, and these are in addition to any supplementary scripts that may be contained within specific map files. Production and replacement of units, their generic behavioural characteristics as well as the specific missions that those units will go on are all controlled through this file.

    In simple terms, the scripted system works like this;-

    The computer uses objects, or groups of objects, known as TaskForces...
    ...whose generic behaviour and unique properties are controlled by allocating them to TeamTypes...
    ...to carry out an action, or series of actions, controlled by ScriptTypes...
    ...which may or may not be triggered by predefined game events known as AITriggerTypes.

    It should be noted that the AI.INI file provides great scope for modification in Red Alert 2. This is for several reasons - if you take a look through the file, it becomes clear that the computer is instructed to prioritize only certain types of attacks, only to use certain units (some are not used), and heavily favors ground based attacks (naval units are seldom used). Primarily however, the computer initially relied upon heavy ground assaults to overwhelm enemies because of the fact that its only enemies were humans, thus would not attack other computer controlled armies before the 1.004 patch. Despite that change however, the AI.INI file remained unmodified, and is less than half the size of than the Tiberian Sun one. NOTE: There is so much of the game engine unused within this file, that time spent on it will be well worthwhile - the Red Alert 2 engine is very powerful and versatile. A lot of this logic is residual from Red Alert and also from the enhancements made by Tiberian Sun - this is one reason why some features do not entirely work correctly in the Red Alert 2 engine.

    by Published on 11-26-2011 04:41 PM     Number of Views: 17640 

    Hello Folks,

    First I wanted to apologize for taking Deezire.net down several months ago. Spambots where running rampart and I just did not have the time to Administer the Website. I found myself with some extra time and I decided to bring the site back. I upgraded to a New Server, strengthened security and upgraded the forum to the latest version.

    I am hoping the upgrades will help me keep the spammers at bay. I have not talked with Deezire in some time, I am not sure what he has been up to. The forum is available for those that want to participate, I am not sure the direction DeeZire.net will take, but for now I have to work on a new skin and getting things running. Suggestions are always welcomed! If there are any issues with log-ins please do not hesitate to contact me. some things could have broken in the transfer.


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