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    Default modified INI and generals.csf cause Technical difficulties

    I wanted to put a custom unit name (and tooltip, etc.) for my unit. So, I changed in the FactionUnit.INI the pathes for the strings (OBJECT:name_of_unit, etc.) and added the keys in an extracted generals.csf.

    I put all the files in the BIG file.... and the game don't want to start (technical difficulties). Seems that my new keys can't be found.
    Any Idea ? Is it a special rule to follow ? .csf file can be included in a mod .BIG file, right ?

    I can post my .BIG file soon if you want it.

    Thanks for help.

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    okay, they Object:nameofunit part, did you alter the name in the commandset and commandbutton also?

    there is really no need to alter the objectname unless you are making a new unit. change it back or change it in the commandsets/button. That is causing the crash.

    and yes, CSF works fine in big files.

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    It's for a new unit, I've listed all the strings in commandbuttons and factionunits and want to make mines.

    Will see on a released MOD in a BIG file, I'll certainly find my problem.

    Thanks a lot anyway

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    How new is the unit? Is it just copy and paste or is it mostly new? New upgrades, weapon, locomotor, commandset? If any of these are missing or misspelled then the game won't load. If something is missing in csf file you'll just get a Missing:Object message where your string should be.

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    It's the Hover MLRS from Tiberian Sun showed on week ago. Sames upgrades than crusader, but new locomotor and weapons.

    Everything works when I don't use CSF file changes, so I'm sure the problem is near.

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    Go into your My Documents/Command and Conquer Generals Data Folder and look for a file called ReleaseCrashInfo
    That will tell u ur problem

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    Ok, it works now. It seems that my CSF was corrupted causing the crash. Re-exporting the original CSF file and re-adding keys solved my problem.

    Thanks for your help.

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