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    Default Units with trailers

    I'm trying to create a M997 Hemtt with a trailer that rotates like the civilian trucks trailers do, I know I've got the code for it right but I can't seem to figure out how to set up the model correctly. I've created a dummy object and aligned it's pivot with that of the trailer and turned on export transform on the dummy object and all that, but still can't get it to work, the trailer doesn't rotate at all..
    Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing?


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    First off, did you link the trailer/cab objects to the dummys? if not, thats your problem....
    To make life simple, call the truck unit "cab" and the trailer "trailer". Then in the ini just refer to the cab and trailer directly, instead of the dummy objects. I don't know if it follows the correct Generals modelling standards, but it works for me.....

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    Thanks for the help, it turns out I didn't have the export transform option turned on on the cab.. it didn't even occur to me that I needed to do that so the cab could rotate independtly untill just a few minutes ago.

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    I cant count the number of frustration hours I have spent over a code to find it was something really simple and took like a total of 5 minutes to fix.

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