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    Default Im Anoying, but i still need help.

    Ok you got pizzed off with me on the old board, so im starting a fresh on this one.

    I am still neededing a person that can build 3D model buildings from scratch, and is available to do them. THe mod has slowed to a near hault without any buildings been produced, and with Christmas and all.

    SO please offer some help if you have the time.


    PS: THE SITE IS BACK UP> www.cnc.2ya.com

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    u dont really need 3d models to make good SHPs, well, of course the person will need the skills...

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    The thing is all i have seen out ther are people that do Cut and paste buildings, and i dont realy want them. Even though some of them are good.
    Im asking for a 3D Designer as i would like totaly new models and buildins, meaning that they will look better as some peoples atemps at new buildings from scratch cant get to the standerd of the origional buildings.

    SO please any one will ing with the time and experiance.

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    hmm, been a while since ive been online. anyway, i havent gotten to ask you this question yet hunty, but by 3D design, would AutoCad work? i got some friends in Advanced Cad that could do buildings (might take a while of course, and then they have projects). right now im not on 3D yet, so might have to wait like 3 more months. unless its some other 3D designer then forget what i said.


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    while u look for someone, i suggest u not waste time waiting and try learning how to model yourself, i think blender is a good program to try out, its free too blender.com (i think)

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    no Blender.com is a news site.
    im waiting for a copy of 3d studio max 5, once i have the money. or a fraind that has it. But ill have to wait a while.
    Will the free program produce the same quality that i need and help me in the production of 3dsm models later on??

    PLease to all out there, ive been banned from making buildings now by bobingabout as they arent what he thought they would look like, So PLEASE.

    Oh Godwin, i have been trying my best to make them myself beofer you say. Ill try again and end up with another 12 buildings that wont ever be used. As they arent good enough.

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    Im just trying to keep my thread open so that i might be able to get some help

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