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    Default How 2 definine terrain as "rubble" for infantry?

    Can someone *please* tell me how to define a specific terrain area as "rubble" so that only infantry can cross it?

    I can give the Burton hill climber locomotor to the infantry, but that's not what I want.. this way all infantries would get hill access anywhere. I want some specific ramps and forest areas to be accessable only by infantry. Looking at the locomotor definitions, I've noticed vehicles have only ground in its locomotor surfaces list, so if I can find out how to set a tileset / area as rubble, it'll be just a question of painting the texture in the area and presto.

    Please help, can't get info about this anywhere else, you guys are my last hope :/

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    Well, maybe you can create a new object that destroys itself as soon as it's created, but doesnt have any graphics or anything. Then you use KeepObjectDie (see the link in my sig) to keep the object when it dies, so that you can use it for a rubble state (like tech buildings have). You must use this on non-buildable areas though, because sometimes the object can disappear when you try to place a building near it, this happens to tech building rubble too.

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