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    Default Deploying units / converting them to other units

    Ok, I want to be able to deploy a unit like the Nuke Cannon. The only difference is, my unit has a different weapon for mobile/deployed states. If I tell it to attack ground it will obviously just stay mobile and attack it with primary weapon. So can I make a button that will tell the unit to deploy (so it gets the different weapon)?

    And another thing, similar: I want units to turn into other units/buildings like the deploy-style things in Tiberian Sun/RA2. So if you upgrade a unit so it turns into another unit using ReplaceObjectUpgrade (from ZH), will the new unit retain the hitpoints of the original? Or will it just start off as new?

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    you could always get the object to die when you buy an upgrade and create an ocl, and then do the same thing to get back to the undeployed state, but then it screws up the summary screen after each game because of unit losses that arent really losses, and the units wouldnt have veterancy or anything like that.

    I tried to get something like what youre trying to do when i made my siege tank ripoff, but i gave up on it cause i couldnt find any way to get it to work.

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    Immo, perhaps an easier way would be to do what the Nuke Cannon does. Allow it to switch between shells, or would you prefer it too deply to fire a different weapon?

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    he wants it to be able to fire in it's deployed state and undeployed state

    if you use the deploystyleAI update then it can't do both, not with different weapons at least.

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    this seems like that youd be able to do.... haha i have no idea how to do it though. good luck.

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