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No Generals Deezire mod??
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    Default No Generals Deezire mod??

    Iv been an avid player of just about ever single beta of RA2 deezire, and i was really pumped up when i heard that Generals came out. Only now am i realizing that the Deezire mod team isnt interested or what not? did i miss something, are there really no plans for a Generals Deezire mod? Please tell me it isnt true, i will just go nuts without their supurb mod power. RA2 Deezire was sereously the greatest thing ever, it offered close 2 double the units if not more than the original game had, and really had some good fetures like super hard ai. It would really suck without their mod, and without it im not sure if i will buy Generals.

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    There are other mods out there buddy. Maybe you should try some of them.

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    One advice, buy it.

    For the rest, my lips are sealed

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    Other than a couple in development, I havent seen any mods for Generals yet.

    Yes Im working on something for Generals

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    Don't you people look at other community sites!
    Thats the first ever Generals mod

    Some people have said that it don't work, but like the description says "Generals V1.0 required".

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    That isn't a mod, it's a cheat.

    And a pretty lame one too

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    That's a mod,

    A cheat is something that gives one player/side an advantage over the others, a mod gives advantages to all, well, IMO anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow
    That's a mod,
    Its a 5-minute attempt to attain the 'glory' of being first. Nothing else. You cant seriously call it a mod when its painfully evdent that little or no thought went into it - other than getting it on the net first. It makes a good game look bad.

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    true deezire.. don't try to earn respect by being first even if it is shit..

    plse that pisses mee off

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    Not ot bash you, Detail, but you brought upon yourselves... :lol:

    Only changing some existing values without changing either the graphics and/or the game's structure, qualifies as "an editing exercise". Nothing more !

    Making a mod involves more then changing some values...

    On a side note:
    way too many people qualify their modding work as a TC. Guess nobody does really cares what the word really means, huh?

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