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    Default Technical Difficulties

    every time i edit weapons.ini and place it in the data/ini/object folder i get this error i have tried everything i can think of and see no reason i should be getting this

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    could you please post the changes you made here?

    as i cant really see whats going on without knowing what in there

    just make sure you have all comment starting with ;
    that all the weapons end with END,

    and make sure that the things you changed are Valid, ie for Deathtype, dont put in: WOOD or something, that doesnt work,
    check the ini research for the valid values for those and other ones.

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    this is what i added
    Weapon AuroraFireWallWeapon
    PrimaryDamage = 100.0
    PrimaryDamageRadius = 15.0
    SecondaryDamage = 1.0
    SecondaryDamageRadius = 10.0
    AttackRange = 300.0 ; About the range from unit to start of fire.
    DamageType = FLAME
    DeathType = BURNED
    WeaponSpeed = 600 ; dist/sec
    WeaponRecoil = 0 ; angle to deflect the model when firing
    ProjectileObject = RaptorJetMissileWeapon
    FireFX = WeaponFX_DragonTankFlameWeapon
    ProjectileDetonationFX = WeaponFX_DragonTankMissileDetonation
    ProjectileDetonationOCL = OCL_FireWallSegment
    FireSound = DragonTankWeaponLoop
    FireSoundLoopTime = 80 ; loop the firing sound until there's this much delay between shots
    RadiusDamageAffects = ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS
    DelayBetweenShots = 40 ; time between shots, msec
    ClipSize = 2 ; how many shots in a Clip (0 == infinite)
    ClipReloadTime = 10 ; how long to reload a Clip, msec

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    to be honest, iam not sure if this could work,

    youre adding a weapon that is contininous, and letting it have clips..
    though the syntax is ok as far as i can see.

    the best guess i have is the engine wont accept the clips for the fire.

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    but see it doesnt matter it happens even if i change a reload time it just comes up with errors

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    what im trying to do is give the aurora the napalm the migs have at the beginning of the first china mission

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    oh dammit..
    the answe is in youre first post..
    weapon.ini isnt in data/ini/object!

    its in : data/ini!

    talk about good reading :P

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    no no you have to put the weapons.ini file in data/ini/object for it to work in the folders that is

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    I have my Weapons.ini file in Data/INI.. and it works perfectly.

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    mine just comes up with errors when i do the most simple editing

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