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    Default Orginal C&C Generals "Alpha" Build98 Released

    The files contain the W3D's, textures, particles, inifiles, and the dll's for the debugger, particle editor, and GUIEdit.
    They also contain the test movies, test maps, and some of the original windows.

    You Must Thank EALA And RVmech the old good man from cncden


    Just Download it on the mainpage if you want to be cool.......

    For me its old news cuz i owned this since the beta ''damn !ll!g4l ftps''

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    </Homer Voice>: Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

    Hot damn that's cool!

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    I wonder if any builds older than this one still exist...

    Or if any builds between this one and the release exist (and if they do, whether they have anything usefull vs this one, the release and the beta)

    Anyhow, good job RVMECH for securing permission from EALA to release this.
    It has lots of stuff that has been hinted at by other things yet not actually available before. Such as all known artwork for the GLA windmill power plant (including the textures that were missing from the art set found in the beta), all known artwork for the GLA airfield (although that one was in the beta AFAIK), art for the much talked about Mammoth Tank, art for the old USA buildings (only the command center and the weapons factory seem to have been "upgraded" to the new style seen in the final game by this build), old chinese buildings (like the boat docks and stuff) and also a few old GLA items (that GLA "command center" thing, the GLA airport and the power plants hint that the GLA were at one point going to be more "high tech" than they eventually ended up being)

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    Anyone know where to find the alpha now? cncreclips seems to have closed down.

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    I still have the Build 98 files.

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    chaos4eva said in another forum:

    The download link for Alpha Build 98 was actually posted at Fallout Studios around 2008 but since it was in a minor thread, most people didn't notice it.

    Fallout Studios forums (Powered by Invision Power Board)

    But if you don't care for the thread, here's the link to the download itself
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

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    Yehey, he saved me precious time to upload it :P

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