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    Default Creating New Country

    I've created new countries, by way of Tiled. I posted the code into rules.ini, but things aren't showing up. What else needs to be done?

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    I take it this is for RA2:YR and you mean TibEd. You can't add new countries without patching the RA2:YR executable, if you really want new countries, go here for more info:

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    you can also create new country in map file.

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    map file countries work by cloning others.

    you can create as many countries as you want, and they'll work just fine, but they'll never show up on the skirmish/multiplayer screen. for this you need PD's rock patch.

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    Well, here's the deal...

    I'm gonna make a new country, attempt to make some new units, modify some old ones and add them in, and some other crap like that. So far, I've gotten all the tutorials that involve buildings, and naming and things... they're the ones at C-GEN, and other than that, all I've got is concepts, so basically, it ain't goin anywhere, fast.

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    By the way, am I marked as a spammer cause I don't ever say anything, EVER? That's just cause I come on here and a couple other places when I'm looking for help... ain't got much to say anyway

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    Alright... have a question... how would I make a trigger in Final Alert 2 for giving various technologies when entering a building?

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    You are marked as a Spammer because you have less than 12 (or was it 10?) posts.

    Don't triplepost.

    Read DeeZire's INI Guide, the section on maps describes all possible triggers in detail.
    I think actions 14, Change House, and 125, Create BuildingType At Waypoint, can help you - set up those "technologies" to have a prerequisite of certain structures, and set up a trigger with Event 2, Attached Structure Spied, to switch that prerequisite building to the player's house, but leave it outside the visible map area.
    Only works when the spyable structures are preplaced, otherwise you can't attach triggers to them.

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    Alright... shit dude. This mod thing is taking a while, I might need help. So far, the concept is going well, the plot only needs to be checked over... the unit designs are good, so yeah... everything is going okay, so far. You know Drop Dead Fred? He's gonna be in there.


    *grovels at your feet*
    That place has been a major help through the work of my mod so far... it's been hell, but that place has reassured me that what I'm looking to create is truly possible. THANKS DUDE! (I added you to msn messenger, not to bug the living shit out of you, but to ask for help on several things I'm having trouble with. Sorry if it's a pain, but yeah... I'm kinda getting desperate with assistance.)

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