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    Default "Project 4" mod revision 33

    Finally my mod is translated into English!

    This mod is almost a total conversion, except... buildings aren't done It's so hard

    Download Project4_033.exe from FileFront!

    4 nicely done factions + 2
    * Ministry of Education uses overwhelming numbers. A commander is given control of one school.
    * Pythagorean is a religious group, inheriting Pythagoras' faith to Numbers.
    * Aquilians are "generic" invading aliens. Some of its units are from films and animations. A commander is given control of one Mothership (which is a flying STRUCTURE!)
    * Morden Army uses stuff which appears on the game Metal Slug! Even the bosses!

    Arbok (from pokemon) attacking

    Morden Army ready!

    MoE Ready!

    Mothership (landed)

    R-Shobu and Masknell

    A group of Morden Army

    Morden boss units vs Red Noah (Mothership)

    Exceilion (aka New Nautilus from "The Secret of Blue Water")

    Students vs Visceroid

    MoE Students vs Pythagorean Initiate

    Some corporal punishment for enemies!

    Sonar Attack

    [flash width=425 height=350:38159877fc][/flash:38159877fc]
    Sonar Attack video (MoE Mr. Nobrain)

    [flash width=425 height=350:38159877fc][/flash:38159877fc]
    Cucumber Bomb (MoE Mr. Nobrain)

    [flash width=425 height=350:38159877fc][/flash:38159877fc]
    Alien Drone

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    I was wondering, are you religious?

    Could you help me with skinning. Your mod looks great.

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