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    Default TTDISA Mod Crash

    Hello Deezire, I've really enjoyed playing your mod in all aspects - except when I got to the last mission, "The End of the Line", the game crashed as I was ramming the wall with the S.W.A.T. tank for whatever reason. I am using a no-cd version on Windows Vista, and everything seemed fine in the original version. I was wondering if you could perhaps get me sorted out.

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    No worries, this is a problem with the mod and I have identified the cause. A fix will be available shortly which fixes this and a few other minor things but dont worry your existing save-games will still work with it.

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    Thank you very much. I will stay tuned.

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    Default Is this fix available?

    I have the same problem like Edge. So, I want ask You:
    Have You finished this fix yet?

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    I also got another problem.
    By install the latest graphic drivers I can't start the game no more. But if I unistall the drivers and install the old one I can start it...

    I'm using Geforce 260.

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    When we will be able to download the patched mod ?

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    Default Some other little bugs.

    Waazzup man! Hey, I think I caught two more little errors on the game. I have two lowriders parked in the Grove St. house, one is a Savanna and the other is a Blade, both with one of the flames paintjob available. At this point there is no problem, but, when i save the game and get out the house to grab one of my cars, the car on the left side of the garage its painted in white! Now, the garage near the abandoned control tower (not the hangar) "eats" my vehicles. In the best situation it lefts only one parked on the inside.

    Talking about the garages; can you give them more capacity to store vehicles? Specially the largest garage in San Fierro (the one on the south corner, in this one you can easily store 7-8 cars, but it only supports 4) and the hangar (there are a bunch of cool airplanes and choppers to store .

    I hope we can get the update in a near future. TTDISA is the greatest expansion mod that i have ever seen.

    PD. Sorry for the bad english.

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    hey D I have the same problem like Edge pls answer and give me the patch

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    Hey i have a problem with this mod when its in the loading screen it goes half way in the loading bar then crashes please help i wanna play cuz it sounds fun

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