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    i don't even think DeeZire is even checking this topic. please help man. i love this mod, i can't wait to try this out. i've been looking for a mod like this for a long time and i finally found it but can't make it work!

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    it says he hasnt been on the forum since last month

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    Guys , Cmoon ?
    Now i downloaded and installed this patch , and i dont get it work ..
    I am using Win 7 32 Bit version.

    Cmoon help us,
    Many many people need help over here

    Counting on you mod!

    and thankyou

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    I'm having this problem too any help would really be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilD530 View Post
    it says he hasnt been on the forum since last month
    Deezire hasn't been heard from in over a year and a half dude. He isn't coming back. You'll need to check some other forums for advice and tips.

    In case you haven't noticed, the domain is expiring. That means this entire site is about to go bye-bye.

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    wao you should b a detective, site going bye bye because the domain is expiring...

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    well then could you please explain the site's crazy behavior? The fact that deezire hasn't been here in forever, etc?

    And for the record, I hope I'm wrong - this is a useful site, and TTDiSA is a great mod - but you can't ignore the changes going on with the site.

    Btw, who is paying for this domain? As in, who's paying to keep it active?

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    I own the domain and pay for it, to include the 270 bucks I just paid vbulletin to upgrade the forum. The changes are simple, I installed a new version of Vbulletin, spammers where driving me nuts. As to whether Deezire will be back or not, you are probably correct, I doubt he will be back. He has been threatening to do so for a couple years but nothing more than that.

    I am considering taking the site down but it has not thing to do with domain expiring.
    Last edited by Redemption; 02-18-2011 at 11:26 AM.

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    Thank you for the update / info Redemption, that the first solid info I've had regarding this site.

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