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    Unhappy things to do in san andreas

    I would very much apreciate if someone could send me a THINGS TO DO IN SAN ANDREAS save game file. To claryfy; I have installed THINGS TO DO IN SAN ANDREAS (TTDISA) beta 1 but it didn't work, then I downloaded beta 4 files and extracted only script files, text file and setup.ini file. After that it all worked up until the mission HOME INVASION when a boat spawned instead of a BOXBURG. I can't finish this mission (I've tried replacing dff and txd files to spawn a boxburg instead of a boat but with no success-boat just keeps appearing). Since I'm a noob save game is my only option. I am sorry if i post this message where it doesn't belong but googleing didn't do any good. Noone seams to have a save game(100% finished gta sa). I don't need to say how good this mod is. But playing in Los Santos tends to get boooring. If anyone, anywhere has a save game that works with this mod please post it here or something.


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    Mig, if a boat is spawning instead of a boxburg, I would think you have some kind of corruption or file error somewhere in your game...simply using someone else's save file will not help. I'm not a coder so I can't say for certain.

    You also didn't say if you were using other SA mods, which are of course, incompatible with TTDiSA.

    Your best bet is to uninstall the game completely, then reinstall from the CD, then install the mod and use no other mods. Be sure you're using an english version of the game, and that you aren't using warez / crack to install, or else the mod probably won't work.

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