My names Jerry. I'm currently playing C&C Generals Zero Hour.
I'm not really a modder as I know very little, but I am trying to tweak/enhance my game.
Not sure how well I will do, but I'm gonna try.

What I'd eventually like to do is be able to play USA/USSR from Cold War Crisis with Zero Hour style of play.
I like the graphics and balancing of CWC but the fuel and flag system of it really seems to make large scale battles impossible (least for me).

I did some experiments with it, made vehicles use no fuel, buildings cost more fuel, fuel depot gave a little money, oil derricks gave a little money.

It did make for more action but still just wasn't what I wanted.

I know some of the features probably won't work and several things will have to be changed, but.... if it works out I should have the game I want (or at least close to it).

Well I hope I didn't bore anyone too much with my rambling.
I hope all of you have a great day.

jknack2 (Jerry)